Our services

Investor Relations (IR) integrates finance, communication, marketing and regulatory compliance in order to create the most effective communication between a company, the financial markets, and other target groups with the objective to achieve a fair valuation of the company's securities.

We see your company as investors and analysts will see it and can anticipate issues and problems you will encounter. We know the differences between your corporate story and your investment story, and can help you develop each one.

What we offer

The content, quality and credibility of your financial communication have significant impact on your company's reputation, prospects, valuation and funding opportunities. Today, information spreads at lightning speed and your stakeholders value the news instantaneously. Therefore, it is imperative that you have control of your own story. Precisely this is our core competence.

Local IR support

IR support from people who know the Nordic financial markets.

Nordic investor targeting

Nordic shareholder targeting

Our financial market network will help you find the appropriate Nordic investors.

"Damage control"

Manage unforeseen, negative events in the best way possible.

Perception audits

Obtain an honest view of the street's perception of your company.

Breaking News

Financial PR

Gain visibility in Nordic financial media.

IR for hire

Intermediate or long term staffing of your IR function.