Our motives

Poorly managed investor relations, could add unnecessary risk in the relationship with the financial markets and prove very costly for the company as well as its shareholders. Still, we surprisingly often see also experienced managements commit fatal mistakes in the communication with investors, analysts and financial media.

After working in the financial markets for many years and seeing public companies' communication from the investor perspective, we started Box IR with the objective to help our clients take their investor relations to the next level. We are convinced that communications have a major impact on corporate value and thus the companies' access to, and cost of, external capital.

The characteristics of IR and management teams that communicate in a way that creates value for its shareholders may seem subjective. A common denominator, however, is that investor relations is a high priority for them, and that they enjoy strong credibility among investors and analysts. In addition, value-creating companies are frequently associated with certain keywords.

Good IR characteristics

Superb IR according to the capital markets